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Important info for 4th Oct racing

Everything is going smoothly for Sunday. 

NO spectators allowed at this event.

Here are a few updates you should note:

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing will be done by security guards at Gate 2 starting from 6:30am.  The following will be the process:

  • Competitors don’t need to do anything since we have all their details with their entry.

  • Competitors are allowed to bring only ONE pit crew member in with them.  If you show up with more than one, you will be denied entry.

  • Pit crew members should register with the MotorSport New Zealand contact tracing web site – click HERE  You must give either a copy of the completed form from the web site or a copy of the confirmation email to the guard.  The web site sends both to you.

  • Alternatively, you can use the Ministry of Health contact tracing app on your phone to scan the QR code poster the guards will have.

  • If neither of these work for you, the guards will have paper copies of the MotorSport contact tracing form which you will have to fill in at the gate.

  • All people entering the venue will be given a wrist band colour coded by Designated Area which must be worn all day.

General Items

All Series except 2K Cup will run on Circuit One – no chicane on the back straight.  2K Cup will run on Circuit Two – chicane on the back straight.
To conform with Covid-19 Level 2 restrictions, the venue has been divided into four Designated Areas (see attached venue plan).  Competitors and pit crew members should remain within their Designated Areas as much as possible.  They must also use the toilets allocated to their Designated Area.
Allocations of Series to Designated Areas will be finalized at the Series Coordinators meeting Thursday night and will be emailed to all competitors on Friday.
Allocations of garages will also be finalized at the Series Coordinators meeting Thursday night and will be emailed to all competitors on Friday.
Food and drinks will be available but you must line up in the queue for your Designated Area and keep separated from people from other Designated Areas.

We are sitting at 175 entries so this is going to be a large, busy meeting.  Please plan to arrive early.
Vehicles and trailers that don’t need to be in the Designated Areas should be parked in the areas shown for Parking and Trailers.  The clearway marked by yellow lines between the garages and the hill behind the garages must not be blocked to allow emergency vehicle access.